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Our Services

At Speech Alliance, we offer the convenience of providing speech therapy sessions in the comfort of your child's home, school or any preferred location, fostering a familiar environment. This approach allows for generalisation of skills within everyday routines. 


Speech therapy in a school setting provides us with the chance to collaborate closely with teachers, offering invaluable insights into our clients' performance within the school environment. This allows us to observe social interactions and dynamics among our clients and their peers. Our services encompass both individual and group therapy, with a specific focus on improving social skills and communication, including the development of relationships with peers.


Initial Consult/ Assessment 

We provide assessments and intervention for children and adolescents in the following areas:

  • Speech

  • Language

  • Social communication

  • Literacy

Initial Consult and Assessment
Initial Consult and Assessment

Initial consults will include:

  • A detailed case history with main caregivers

  • Observations of client within the session

  • Comprehensive assessments to determine our clients’ needs. This includes formal/ informal assessments or screeners for speech, language and literacy (depending on the presenting issue). 

    • Depending on time, assessments may require more than one session to complete.

    • Kindly note that your therapist will need time after the session to analyse and interpret the assessment results to determine specific therapy goals. This will be discussed with you during the intervention sessions. 

  • Caregiver education on understanding and supporting the communication needs of our clients



Intervention sessions will include:

  • Addressing specific goals set for our clients.

  • Providing feedback to caregivers. With permission, videos may be recorded and shared with parents to guide them in providing suitable follow-up for our clients.

  • Documenting session notes outlining the intervention process.

Intervention sessions
School based therapy

Caregiver Trainings & Professional Development 

We provide training to empower caregivers, equipping them with tools, strategies, and support to foster the development of their child's communication skills. Our program is designed to help children reach their full communication potential.

Caregiver Trainings & Professional Development

Additionally, we offer consultative services and professional development to teachers seeking guidance on how to support our clients or other children within the classroom setting. Some of the topics include: 

  • Identification of students with communication difficulties

  • Developmental Language Disorders

  • Supporting students with language and literacy difficulties

  • Collaborative practices with Speech Therapists

  • Social Communication Difficulties

  • Literacy Difficulties​

Have a chat with us to find out how we can provide tailored Professional Development topics for your school teachers based on your requirements and needs!

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